A healthy world population through evidence-based decisions, policies, and interventions.



The mission of GEMNet-Health is to empower member institutions to ensure access to quality monitoring and evaluation (M&E) training, research, and services.

GEMNet-Health fosters organizational growth, collaboration, and peer-to-peer support for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of health programs globally through ongoing institutional linkages among members. As a network with a diverse set of skills and experiences—and with members located across the world—GEMNet-Health is well placed to be a global resource offering technical assistance and capacity building in a range of M&E topics.


The ten-member institutions of GEMNet-Health are:

University of Ghana School of Public Health currently serves as the secretariat for GEMNet-Health.


Capabilities and Services

GEMNet-Health was established in 2012, and offers clients a wealth of technical expertise and experience, building on the strong programs present at each of the GEMNet-Health partners. GEMNet members provide consultancy services to build capacity in the field of M&E, including work with health information systems, data dissemination and use, health informatics, and many specialized evaluation topics.




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